Emerging Businesses

Emerging Businesses
In search of new business opportunities



charging points for
electric vehicles (IBIL)



units of electric motorcycles
commercialized (Scutum) in 2016


Repsol's investment in the OGCI Climate Investment will be channeled through the Emerging Business department.

Repsol promotes new initiatives in emerging areas that can generate business opportunities and allow us to develop our strategy beyond traditional businesses.

One of these initiatives is HEADS (Hydrocarbon Early Automatic Detection System), developed jointly with Indra. It is already installed at the Tarragona and A Coruña Refineries (Spain), La Pampilla Refinery (Peru), and at the Casablanca platform (Spain). We plan to also install it in our other refineries with marine terminal and commercialization with third parties. In 2016, we signed a licensing contract with Indra to carry out its commercial operation on an exclusive basis.

Repsol’s investment in the OGCI Climate Investment, a means to channel the investment of $1 billion dollars committed by the shareholders of this organization over 10 years, will be channeled through the Emerging Businesses department. The objective is to develop and accelerate the commercial deployment of innovative low-emission technologies.

In 2016, the evolution of the investee companies of the Emerging Business area was as follows:

  • Rocsole: Finnish company in which we acquired a 15.62% stake in 2016. Its technology, based on Electrical Capacitance Tomography (ECT), makes it possible to view the flow of multiphase fluids (water, crude oil, air) in the interior of the pipe and predict fouling, thereby optimizing maintenance costs and avoiding unscheduled shutdowns.

  • Graphenea: one of the main European graphene producers. It obtained revenue in excess of €1 million euros for the second year. It also secured support from the European Commission to finance the pre-commercial graphene oxide plant built in 2016, which will allow it to increase its production capacity.

  • IBIL: through this company, Repsol operates in the field of energy supply for electric transport. It has 859 operational charging points, including 26 at our service stations. The emission reduction achieved through this project totaled 518 metric tons of CO2.

  • Scutum Logistic: design, production, and sale of electric platforms and battery extraction systems for electric motorcycles. In 2016, it marketed 468 units of electric motorcycles, 67% in Spain, where it leads the sector with a market share of 38%. The distribution contracts signed in Benelux, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom accounted for 33% of sales.

  • Principle Power Inc.: the first company to design, install, and operate a semi-submersible floating structure for offshore wind power generation. The first real-scale prototype, WindFloat, produced more than 17 GWh from 2011 to its dismantlement in July 2016.